What Are Certificates?

Certificates Hierarchy Diagram

The Learning Management System’s Certificate programs include Courses comprised of individual Classes designed to provide you a thorough understanding of specific concepts to help you succeed in your training efforts and outcomes. Each class is comprised of recorded video and/or audio training, along with forms, tools, collateral and other resources to help you complete skills-based activities and execute relevant training tasks to achieve its learning objectives. Your retention of the curriculum delivered is evaluated by a test at the completion of each Class in its associated Course.

What Happens When I Complete A Certificate?

100% Complete

Upon the successful completion of all required Courses associated with a Certificate, your Certificate progress will reflect 100% completion.

Where Should I Start?

While there are several ways to get the training you or your staff need; one way to get started is by enrolling in a Certificate program. Simply choose from the different Certificate focus areas and levels displayed in the navigation box on the left side of the Certificates page to begin. Once you have chosen a Certificate focus area and selected a Certificate Level, you will be able to enroll in specific Certificate programs on subsequent pages.

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